The wellbeing of every child is our goal



Whats at WBFC Holiday Camps?

Each WBFC Holiday Camp operates under full Ofsted regulations, offering parents total piece of mind, and a coach to child ratio of 1:10. This allows us to individualise sessions between age and ability and is a key difference between WBFC and many other Holiday Football Camps.

Every session must be and always is FUN! After all it’s the Holidays! Accordingly, we ensure the children are kept busy, with fast transitions, and busy days! Indeed, our younger players are encouraged to make up-to 6 session changes in any one hour, with skill
& level development within each session change. This keeps young players focused, energized and ultimately learning! Both boys and girls are welcome, aged 5-13 years.

Each day at WBFC follows a rough timeline, with an extensive session plan, which changes daily, and weekly. Ensuring the players never repeat sessions, unless required; after all repetitive learning is how many of us actually learn. Our coaching plans are written by professional FA coaches and National Curriculum teacher’s, an example of a session plan can be found HERE.

At the end of each day, a prize presentation takes place, with awards for the most improved player of the day, the best player of the day, and the player’s player of the day. We also offer spot prizes, for children displaying positive attitudes towards the sessions. This enables us to reinforce positive behaviour and keep the children focused on learning.

Wes has a direct input into all session planning at WBFC. He uses his wide experience of many coaching systems, to keep things educational but FUN! Wes also attends every camp personally, your child will have the opportunity to learn the beautiful game, alongside a true Old Trafford great! Wes also encourages camp visits from other Premier League stars new & old, these visits often take the form of a Q&A session, with photo opportunities. Summer 2019 saw Jessie Lingard of Manchester United drop in for a chat.




Finally, every camp is attended by a trained safeguarding officer, operating under the guidance of Ofsted. This ensures children are cared for in a professional way, with accompanied toilet visits, regular refreshments, regular risk assessment and functional rest when required. All staff team members have access to our central communication office, via radio link, and phone.

Parents, please be assured; your child will be safe in our care at all times.


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